Harmless Store is now closed.


Coming soon to Deliveroo

What will you be selling?

Think regular cafe, but vegan!

We are now offering prepped bagels, including classics such as ‘Salmon Cream Cheese’, ‘Tuna Mayo’, ‘Egg Mayo’ etc – things that you would have enjoyed before going vegan, but have struggled to find since. Well look no further, THIS IS A FALAFEL FREE ZONE! – lol. We have nothing against falafel, but for years it has been one of the only options for vegans. It’s time to change that!

Also coming soon will be smoothie bowls , milkshakes, iced coffee’s, puppuchino’s, hot chocolates.

We have managed to find the best things on the market and tested the products and received nothing but good feedback! Tami makes amazing sandwich fillers that are full of flavour and satisfaction! All using products from the shop that we will be selling alongside, so you can take home to your friends and family and prove that vegan isn’t boring! (tell your friends)

What are your opening hours?

We have changed our opening hours to 9am-6pm during the week and 9-4 at the weekends, we tried 7am starts but apparently it doesn’t work for us so we have gone back to 9am 🙂

We’re a small team so if the coffee shop kicks off like we’re aiming, we will be able to extend our opening hours!

Who Are We?

Harmless Store is a vegan, minimal packaging, grocery shop based in Hornsey North London, with a goal to helping you lead a more ethical lifestyle. This can be done through cutting down on or in some cases eliminating plastic all together. Help with transitioning to a plant based life style and choosing products with less of an impact to the people Who grow and produce them.

How it Works

”Amazing vegan zero waste store, with the friendliest and most passionate team! There is a machine to make your own peanut butter, which is maybe all you need to know. Such a great range of products, and just a really great experience all round.”

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  • DON’T SWITCH SCOOPS! Find a clean one in the clean scoop pot or ask a member of staff. We take allergies seriously and do our best to keep everyone safe. When you have finished, you can either leave it in the container (if there’s space) or into the dirty scoop bin.
  • Please keep an eye on the taps as they fill rather quickly. Watch and be ready to turn them off to avoid spillages. It happens to almost everyone but we know it might make you feel less than happy about it so keep your eyes on the prize

We will be happy to help you with any of the steps above, just ask one of our friendly assistants. You may read about the way our system works in more detail under our FAQs.

Please review us on Google and tag us into your Instagram and Facebook posts. We love nothing more than seeing your shopping in all its plastic free glory!