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Harmless Micro cafe


What is a Micro Cafe?

It is a space that will hold up to 8 people, and will showcase products that we sell in the shop (which will remain a refill at the front).

Are you getting rid of the shop?

No, we are still primarily going to be a refill shop, we are just ADDING a micro cafe to the back, you will still be able to come in to fill up on your basics/ things you have been filling up previously!

What will you be selling?

Think regular cafe, but vegan!

There will be prepped bagels, including classics such as ‘Salmon Cream Cheese’, ‘Tuna Mayo’, ‘Egg Mayo’ etc – things that you would have eaten before going vegan, but now have settle for falafel or salad – THIS IS FALAFEL FREE ZONE! – lol.

Also available will be smoothie bowls, milkshakes, cakes and bread. Then obviously, coffee, hot chocolates, babychino’s, puppuchino’s, Tea’s, Iced Teas .

We have managed to find the best things on the market and tested the products and received nothing but good feedback! Tami makes amazing sandwich fillers that are full of flavour and satisfaction! All using products from the shop that we will be selling alongside, so you can take home to your friends and family and prove that vegan isn’t boring!

What are your opening hours?

As soon as we open our cafe on Monday 21st August, we will be changing our opening hours to 7-4, this means that if you are a commuter, we’re here for you!

We’re a small team so if the coffee shop kicks off like we’re aiming, we will be able to extend our opening hours!