Help Us Through Winter

It’s with great sadness but not yet defeat that we are asking for your help. I don’t need to tell anyone what this last 2 years has been like. Awful for everyone.  Unfortunately for the shop, we opened 2 months before lockdown hit us. This after moving from the shed in Wood Green, COVID has absolutely destroyed us. Still Harmless has trudged on after many set backs and still with our 7 days a week opening times.

The short of it is, our margins are so small, we have lots of outgoings because we try to be fair to everyone. Especially to staff and other small businesses. We want to offer top quality products but at more affordable prices. This model only works if we have plenty of customers. Right now those numbers have dwindled. Although we’re seeing lots of new people it takes time for them to build. Anyway, We’re now asking for help. 

Firstly, we don’t want to be a charity, we want to work hard and have it pay off. But right now we’re not left with much choice as bills pile up and stock dwindles. We’d love to see you come back or visit for the first time or even just increase what you’re buying from us.

Secondly, consider telling more friends, giving us Google reviews, posting on your social media’s.

Thirdly, if you’re not able to shop with us then please consider giving us a Christmas tip. We want to keep our staff in work and our suppliers paid. We want to continue to work for you, our local community and for the future of this planet. We are constantly trying to adapt and work longer and harder and implement more ideas but remember, this all takes man power. There aren’t enough hours in the day. Please don’t give us your suggestions, give us your custom. 

Use us or lose us.

Love Tami and the Harmless Team x