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The Button above will take you through to our online shop, which looks like this…

The online shop works better from a laptop or iPad to be completely honest (Don’t ask why haha)

We have finally worked out how to get deliveries up and running! Thank you for your patience, we are not technical people at all so everything took a little longer to prep than we originally thought!



This is an option for anyone (within the radius) to get deliveries! You will be sent through to the radius checker page so you can make sure that we deliver to you before you go through to our shop so that you don’t end up wasting time. If you live inside N8, we would prefer if you would come into store as we don’t want to end up being just deliveries, and we LOVE seeing everyone’s beautiful faces! However, if you are shielding/ have a reason why you can’t come in, you are obviously more than welcome to join in 🙂

(The minimum spend for deliveries is £30, the website will show an error message if your basket does not reach that amount.)

We will be using our fantastic ELECTRIC delivery bike that Tami’s Father in Law sorted out for us, and travelling within this radius (See Below). So you will have either Santi or Tami knocking at your door with your shop.

We are also now offering the Click and Collect option too, where there is no payment limit, you will get a confirmation that your order is ready and you can come to collect. This option also means that you can fill up your liquids in store too when you come to collect.

This is new territory for us so please bare with us as there is always chance that we don’t have everything figured out like we currently think we do, so it is very much a trial and improvement episode while we get things up and running.

We will be using both tupperware (Thank you to everyone who donated for our TATA) and paper bags for our deliveries, so if we get to your door and you have spare tupperware, please give them to us, or if you are reordering, you can return the previous tupperware.