Vegan Recipes Ideas

Here are some examples of some easy to follow meals while you’re getting started. These are not just for Veganuary, these will be available to browse everyday and we will be adding constantly.





What is TVP?

Textured vegetable protein – often abbreviated to TVP – (dry soy granules) are usually used in savoury recipes as a stand-in for ground meat, but it actually has a neutral flavour which means they can also be used in sweet recipes! If you cook them with soy or almond milk, sweetener and some cinnamon, they actually taste quite similar to oatmeal, making a nice high protein low carb breakfast porridge.

It is made as by product of soybean oil – one of the most consumed oils so it helps to combat food waste too! Dried textured vegetable protein is made up of 7% water, 52% protein, 34% carbohydrates, and 1% fat. In a 100-gram reference amount, it provides (327 kilocalories) of food energy, and is a rich source (20% or more of the Daily Value, DV) of several B vitamins, including folate (76% DV), and dietary minerals, especially phosphorus, magnesium, and iron (71-96% DV).

Pretty cool huh? So why not try some of these recipes 🙂