Why Shop With Us?

We are a small business, a true independent and we pay our staff slightly above the London living wage. We try to be as convenient as we can be and right now we need your help to be able to survive through the next few months.

All small businesses are suffering and after a year that left our mental health in tatters we are doing our best to keep going. The holidays are always difficult but this year even more so with the effects of Covid still hanging over us all. We always try to compete with the huge chains and we are almost always comparable gram for gram on our prices but the fact is that supermarkets and big chains have buying power that we could never have. We’re keeping our prices down and our doors open so please consider supporting us. We’ve built the shop ourselves on evenings and weekends which is why it took us longer than others might.

Harmless Store aims to buy its products from small producers, British growers and other independent businesses. The large wholesalers they do use are themselves ethical and all are aiming to reduce their plastic throughout the whole process. Where possible, closed loop systems are used meaning that the products, often liquids, are reused and refilled rather than being recycled.

The shop was founded by Tami Jarvis in 2018 and opened April of that year. If you are a long-term customer you probably remember the first little shop inside the Yellow Shed, at Blue House Yard in Wood Green. Harmless Store are proud to have recently expanded to their larger, current premises along Tottenham Lane, Hornsey.

The most recent additions to the store is a freezer selling Veggie and Meat alternatives (eg pies and pizza) and some vegetables along with an oat milk machine which dispenses cold Minor Figures barista oat milk. Bring along a bottle for your oat milk and a sealable container for your frozen goods. There is a peanut butter machine for freshly ground peanuts and coffee grinders for loose coffee beans. Some products are organic but are priced much lower to make this old and new way of shopping more accessible for all.