Easy Vegan Swaps

Non- VeganVegan Swap
EggOggs, Aquafaba (Chickpea Water), ‘Easy Egg’, Gram Flour, Chia Seed+Water, Flaxseed+Water, Applesauce, (kala namak for egg flavouring)
CheeseHonestly Tasty, Kinda Co, Julienne Bruno, Violife, Nutritional Yeast, Applewood (make sure it’s the vegan one), nurishh, Sheese, I am Nut Ok, Mozzarisella, Tyne Chease, Koko, Mouses Favourite, Nush
YoghurtKoko, Coconut Collab, So Soja, Nush, Oatly, The Collective, Alpro
MilkGlebe Farm, Ecomill, Koko, Sproud, Minor Figures, Alpro, So Sojade, Oatly, Mighty Milk, Wünda, Mylk, Califia, Silk, Good Hemp, Rude Health, Bonsoy,
HoneyHonea, Maple Syrup, Agave, Molasses, Barley Malt Syrup, Oat Syrup
ChocolateH!P, Love Raw, Vego, Nomo, Moo Free, Happi, Booja-Booja, Equal Exchange, Kit Kat, Buttermilk, Doisy and Adam, MilkyWay, The Raw Chocolate Company, Rhythm 108, Cadbury Plant
SweetsDandies Marshmallows, Candy Kittens, The Conscious Candy Company, Rowntree’s (some) Skittles, Percy Pigs, Vegan All Sorts, Biona Organic, Jealous Sweets, Free From Fellows, Sweet Yourself Vegan,
MeatHeura, Vivera, THIS isn’t, Quorn (some), Planted, Rudy’s Vegan Butcher, The Vegeta4ian Butcher (some), Fry’s, VFC, Plant Kitchen, Lazy Vegan, Squeaky Bean, Future Farm, Omni, Richmond (some), Meatless Farms, Beyond Burger, Moving Mountains, Green Cuisine, Plant Chef, Plant Pioneers
FishOmni, Future Farms, Vegan Zeastar, Vivera, Natures Charm, Marigold, Quorn (some), Moving Mountains, Zalmon, Plant Kitchen, Green Cuisine, Good Catch, Plant Chef, Plant Pioneers, Tofish